Everything You Need To Know About Resident Evil 3 Before Playing The Remake

Yesterday we finally got confirmation on the Resident Evil 3 remake. While leaks spoiled the surprise announcement last week, it’s now official and only a few months away. So, to make sure everyone is appropriately hyped, we have collected important information that will answer some of the questions the trailer left us with.  

Who is the Nemesis?

The eponymous tyrant might be known to fans of the original RE 3, but newcomers have yet to see him since Capcom has only teased us with flashes of lifeless eyes and a brief look at his coffin/incubator. According to Capcom, this monstrosity is even more “intelligent” and “vicious” than RE 2’s Mr. X. Armed with multiple weapons, including a rocket launcher, the Nemesis has been tasked with killing all former S.T.A.R.S. members. You are his prey.  

Who is Jill Valentine?

A member of the Special Tactics and Rescue Services (S.T.A.R.S.), Jill Valentine is a series mainstay, one of the co-protagonists of the original RE, and the heroine in RE 3. In the first game, Jill and her partner Chris Redfield uncover a conspiracy involving the pharmaceutical company Umbrella. Under the guise of a murder investigation, Umbrella planned to entrap the agents, steal bioweapons, and cover-up their illegal experiments. Unable to obtain the support of their superiors, Jill and the other surviving agents decide to go after Umbrella on their own. While investigating Umbrella in Raccoon City, Jill is pulled into the Raccoon City outbreak detailed in Resident Evil 2. Resident Evil 3 tells Jill’s experience of the incident. 

When does this take place?

Originally planned as a spin-off, RE 3 doesn’t move the plot of the series forward so much as it fills in the details surrounding the events of RE 2. The third entry follows Jill’s attempts to escape Raccoon City while being hunted by the horrifying and mysterious Nemesis. Through Jill’s journey players will uncover the fate of Raccoon City, the reason for the Nemesis’ creation, and why Umbrella decided to unleash the monster on an already ruined populace. 

Are there any other playable characters?

Unlike the RE and RE 2, RE 3 only featured one playable character, Jill. However, replayability was still a major factor. Throughout Jill’s story players were given choices that not only shape the story but provided unique scenarios late in the game – including new cutscenes, endings, and enemy placements. In order to see everything, players will have to replay the campaign multiple times.  

What about new mechanics?

The original RE 3 came with a few updates to the Resident Evil formula, such as quick-turning and ammo creation, which eventually became standard for the series. One remarkable addition that has not been mimicked, aside from the maligned RE 6, is a dodge mechanic. The execution of a dodge in RE 3 left much to be desired, but the idea is fantastic. Dodge-lunging enemies like lickers is a godsend. Let’s hope Capcom hears our prayers and revamps the dodging rather than eliminating it.  

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Source: Gameinformer