Facebook Is Giving Its Gaming Efforts More Prominent Placement On Mobile Devices

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Facebook is making a big push with is gaming efforts today by bring its gaming content to your main Facebook feed (if you want it there). Using Facebook on your mobile device, you will soon be able to add a direct and permanent link to Facebook’s gaming content right at the top of the app. According to a blog post from the company, you might start seeing the Gaming tab at the top of your screen as early as today.

We’ll initially roll out the Facebook Gaming tab to a small subset of the more than 700 million people who enjoy gaming on Facebook each month. Over time, we’ll expand access to the tab to more gaming enthusiasts across Facebook. For people who don’t see the Facebook Gaming tab in their main navigation bar, they can find it by going to the Bookmarks menu on Facebook.

The tab gives you quick access to playable games, gaming streams, and connections to gaming groups within Facebook. According to Facebook, 700 million users are already using the social network to access gaming content.

Along with the new tab, Facebook is also beta testing a dedicated Facebook gaming app on Android devices.


Our TakeI think Facebook’s efforts to appeal to gamers is interesting. It is one of the most consumed types of entertainment online, whether that’s watching streamers, playing games, or reading about stuff on video game websites (!), so I am curious to see if its efforts pay off in the long run. Can they pull people away from Twitch to watch streams on Facebook? It’s a steep hill to climb, but maybe.

Source: Gameinformer