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Fallout Season 2 Looks Likely

Prime Video’s Fallout TV series hasn’t even debuted yet, but a second season is said to be in the works. The California Film Commission has announced its latest tax-incentive disbursements, and included in the list is $25 million in tax credits for Fallout Season 2.

Season 1 was primarily produced in New York, Utah, New Jersey, and Namibia, but Season 2 could be headed to California in part due to the tax breaks. Or it might not. As Variety reminds us, a show being allocated tax credits to film in California doesn’t guarantee that will happen.

As an example, Amazon was given a $25 million tax break to film Season 2 of Citadel in California, but the show eventually exited the tax-break program and will go ahead filming in Toronto.

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Source: Gamespot

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