Farm Together Gets Local Co-Op In New Update

Farm Together’s new update comes out today exclusively on Xbox One, and adds in local co-op for up to four players. While split-screen is the largest new addition in this update, it also comes with a slew of new items for your farm and general bug fixes. According to the developer post on Reddit, the game is getting these new items:

House decorations: Wall partition, big Speaker
4 New Clothings
New boy piercing and earrings
Monocle glasses
3 New Rock, Paper, Scissors emotes
New dirt ground tile
New fish: Perch, Sea Bream, and Snapper
New flowers: Green Tea, Purple Daffodil
New building: Farmhands Union
And these bug fixes:

Fixed photo mode showing enqueued move/recycle tiles
Should have fixed players stuck in place when joining their own farm after leaving another one.
Fixed “Quests” permissions level not working properly.
Fixed being unable to see pet/tractor customization items from other players if you didn’t have them unlocked.
Fixed being unable to control the pause menu with a controller if pausing while moving down-right.
Fixed time not advancing at the proper pace (depending on the framerate, seasons would take 5-20 seconds longer than expected).
Fixed House/Farm Shop windows breaking when quickly hitting the cancel/open shop buttons.
Farm Together is a surprisingly fun and relaxing game to play with your friends, so split-screen co-op is a welcome addition. There’s still no word yet on when these updates will find their way to PlayStation 4, Switch, or PC versions of the game.

[Source: Reddit]

Source: Gameinformer