Final Fantasy VII Remake Releases Early In Some Markets

This should be a surprise, but COVID-19 is starting to affecting the release of several upcoming games. Previously, Square-Enix promised that the spread of the virus would not delay the release of the game on April 10, and the company is still holding to that. However, the publisher recently released a statement updating how the game will roll out.

In short, Final Fantasy VII Remake has already shipped to Europe and Australia. Square-Enix hopes this will gives fans a greater chance of getting their hands on the title. This applies to the physical version of the game, and the company has made no statements regarding the digital release, which is still set for release on April 10.

With the spread of the pandemic, many gamers are hunkering down in their gaming dens to play games. If you’re hoping to get your hands on Final Fantasy VII remake soon, we wish you luck, and if you go snag a copy before the rest of the world, please don’t spoil anything.

Source: Gameinformer