Final Fantasy XIV PS5 Open Beta Launches This Spring

Final Fantasy XIV continues to be a noteworthy MMO experience thanks to a bevy of large-scale content drops (Shadowbringers is incredible!) and consistent patch updates. The RPG always feels fresh, offering a bunch of interesting quests and dazzling environments to unearth for newcomers as well as dedicated players.

In addition to the recent announcement of “Endwalker” – an expansion that implements two new jobs, raises the level cap by ten, and takes players to the moon – Final Fantasy XIV is getting even more content with the “Death Unto Dawn” 5.5 update which will serve as an engaging preamble to Endwalker’s Fall release. Most importantly, however, a beta is launching on PlayStation 5 this Spring with a free upgrade for PlayStation 4 players. 

The most important features coming alongside 5.5 include a two-part mainline quest which will set up the Endwalker storyline, the next chapter in the Nier-inspired “Yorha: Dark Alliance” series of raids (by the way, if you haven’t played Nier: Automata yet, you absolutely should!), the conclusion to the “Sorrow of Werlyt” story,  a new dungeon, and a new field to explore. Smaller quality-of-life changes that range from more crafting tools to job adjustments for PvP and PvE engagements have also been planned to arrive alongside the bigger content. You can check out everything that Square Enix has planned for the game by watching the Letter from the Producer livestream. 

Be among the first to play FFXIV Online on PS5 with the upcoming open beta, launching April 13:
— PlayStation (@PlayStation) February 7, 2021

The Death Unto Dawn 5.5 update drops on April 13 alongside Final Fantasy XIV’s PlayStation 5 open beta. Based on the trailer above, players can expect high-resolution interfaces, impressive load times (this is especially apparent with fast-traveling), 4K visuals, and noticeable performance improvements to gameplay and framerate as a whole. 

For those of you that are excited for the future of Final Fantasy XIV, a post on the Official PlayStation Blog promises that more information will be coming during the Digital Fan Festival in May.

Source: Gameinformer