First Deadpool 3 Trailer Unleashes The Marvel Messiah On The MCU

There’s only one Marvel movie hitting theaters this year, but for fans of the regenerating degenerate Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool, it looks like this will be the comic book movie of the year. Fox’s X-Men universe lives on in Deadpool 3–now formally titled Deadpool and Wolverine–setting the stage for the merc with a mouth to run riot across the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside his best frenemy Wolverine.

Directed by Shawn Levy, this first trailer has a lot going on inside of it. The Time Variance Authority has plucked Deadpool out of his home dimension, setting him on a collision course with the MCU and Wolverine. Cue the music, soon-to-be-dead minions, at least one F-bomb, and a fourth wall break as Deadpool suits up for a rated-R adventure.

We’re still not certain what the plot of Deadpool 3 is–or how Deadpool even got that atrocious wig glued to his head–but in typical comic book fashion, it looks like Wolverine won’t be too happy to see the motor-mouthed mercenary when they first meet. Can the two of them coexist long enough not to have a healing factor contest? Probably not, but it looks like star Ryan Reynolds will be dropping bodies and one-liners aplenty when he teams up with Hugh Jackman’s fan-favorite mutant berserker.

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Source: Gamespot