FL4K The Beastmaster Joins The Hunt In New Borderlands 3 Trailer

Click here to watch embedded media The final trailer for the last of the four new Vault Hunters has arrived, and FL4K the Beastmaster and his three loyal and fearsome pets are ready to kill. Meet the pack in the newest character trailer.  

FL4K has three pets of different varieties, each with its own abilities. First is a Spiderant in the Hunter skill tree with a drill for a leg and a penchant for killing. The Jabber, of the Stalker skill tree, is eager to please. The Skag, in the Master skill tree, is a deadly beast who just wants to have fun. On top of these three pets, FL4K can also summon Rakks to fly into battle after expanding the Hunter tree. 

FL4K, a marksman, is an emergent A.I. on a never-ending hunt. What exactly is he hunting for? You’ll have to wait for Borderlands 3 to find out. Borderlands 3 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 13. For the other hunter trailers follow the links for Zane, Amara, and Moze.

Source: Gameinformer