Foamstars Looks Like A Splatoon Clone, But It's More Interesting Than That

When Foamstars was revealed during May’s Playstation Showcase, the internet’s judgment was swift and brutal–it’s just a Splatoon rip-off. Case closed. But after playing four rounds of suds-fuelled multiplayer action at Gamescom 2023, the reality is a little bit more complicated.

Foamstars is a four-versus-four party shooter game pitched by Square Enix as “filling a gap” in the online multiplayer shooter market. In a sense, it is, if you are absolutely determined to ignore the gigantic ink-covered squid in the room. The basic gameplay sees two teams of four players fight across a map, spraying colored foam that sticks to surfaces and damages opposing players, with developers promising a suite of adversarial game modes.

Every player can surf across foam–fast if it’s your team’s color, and much slower if it’s the opposing team’s. If a player is coated with enough foam, they are immobilized in a giant foam ball. Surfing into an enemy in this state knocks them out, scoring a point for your team, and surfing into a foamed teammate breaks them free to fight again.

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Source: Gamespot