Free Version Of Final Fantasy NT Dissidia Coming To PS4 And PC

When Square Enix released Dissidia Final Fantasy NT last year, the 3v3 crossover fighter didn’t really set the world on fire. Over the ensuing year, however, Square Enix has been working on the game and supplying DLC and seemingly feels ready to give the game another shot with new packaging and a new port.

#Dissidia #FinalFantasy NT Free Edition is coming to both #Steam & #PS4 on March 12th!
Try out the game free of charge, and play against those playing the full game with a weekly rotation of characters!
— FINAL FANTASY (@FinalFantasy) February 28, 2019

Titled conveniently enough Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free Edition, the game will be cross-compatible with the full game, so you don’t need to be friends with someone playing the free version to fight against them. Details on how exactly the free version will be monetized has not been outlined, but the tweet does say a weekly rotation of characters, so you can imagine you’ll probably be buying characters as you want them.

The other big news is that this version is also coming to PC, which the full game didn’t. Fans who want super high-res Final Fantasy characters now have a free option to toy around with the game and see if they like it now. 

The free version of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT releases on March 12.

Source: Gameinformer