Game Informer Live — Demon's Souls On PlayStation 5 The Final Chapter

Click to watch embedded media Did you miss the last episode of our PlayStation 5 Demon’s Souls playthrough? It’s right here. In our last exciting chapter, we took on the Flamelurker, chipping off chunks of the mighty enraged creature with a flimsy mace. We also ventured up the mighty spires of Latria, its revamped and revisioned notions of gothic horror shining brightly under the moonlight. If that’s not enough, we also took on a Dragon God, a Storm King, and even an Old Hero.  Old Hero found out that the Thief’s Ring made us really quiet. We also took out some invaders and did battle with another player in the Old Monk fight to finish off Latria. Sure, we got destroyed a few times on Maneater, but that’s authentic souls for ya. Live and uncut! 

But now the journey is reaching its conclusion. In what may be our final episode of this epic Demon’s Souls playthrough, we’ll be traveling into the Valley of Defilement to take on a pile of garbage, try not to shed a tear during the game’s soul-tugging sad encounter, and heading up the castle walls to do battle with the appropriately named Penetrator. After that, only a single foe stands between us and making a big decision for the world. Will we be triumphant? Will we flail about struggling with the final boss? You can find out today at 2 PM CT, as we head back to Boletaria for a big adventure. Join us! 

Interested in Demon’s Souls? Check out the full review right here. “If you’ve never played a Souls-like game before, know that the road is hard. The road is tough. The road will chew you up, spit you out, and then stomp on your splintered corpse. Demon’s Souls has bosses that are probably easier than FromSoftware’s recent projects, but some of the level design can be incredibly unforgiving by comparison. As with modern Souls games, Demon’s Souls isn’t really about the difficulty; it’s about the eventual victory, the besting of the unbeatable, and the knowledge that you can do it.” I said that. The game is pretty awesome, and an excellent showcase of what the PlayStation 5 can do.

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Source: Gameinformer