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Game Informer Live — Demon's Souls PlayStation 5 Remake

Click to watch embedded media Are you ready to journey through the Archstones in a dark fantasy land? Bluepoint’s remake of the FromSoftware classic that started it all is a great game, and a wonderful showcase of the PlayStation 5. Demon’s Souls is the perfect world to showcase what next generation hardware can do, as it lets us experience lush locales like never before. Whether it’s the depths of the Stonefang Tunnels, the despair of the Valley of Defilement, or the perilous unceasing rain in the Shrine of Storms, Bluepoint gets a chance to revision the imaginative environments that kicked off a whole genre.

“For newcomers, Demon’s Souls will be the first exploration into the duality of despair and triumph, and hopefully go on to become a starting point for new Souls fans. For veterans, it’s a homage to an experiment that kicked off a fantastic genre. Either way, it’s wonderful that the nascent ethers from the original classic have coalesced and given us this delightful treat.” For those getting their first Souls experience on the new hardware in smooth 60 fps with the added bonus of the haptic kick, being paralyzed and destroyed by Mind Flayers has never felt so good.

Check out our full review here, but what’s better than seeing the game in action? Will we take on Boletaria’s challenges with sword, bow, magic or… something else? Join us today at 2 PM CST for some Demon’s Souls action! Dan Tack will be our pilot today as we start a fresh file and dive into the majestic, weird world of Demon’s Souls. There may be some other special guests as well! 

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