Garfield Goes Lovecraftian In Nightmarish New Game Boy-Inspired Animation

Click to watch embedded media For anyone who thought Garfield was just too family-friendly, animator and YouTuber Lumpy Touch released a mock-up of a Game Boy game based on the internet sensation lovingly dubbed ‘Gorefield’ inspired by the art of William Burke. Burke, who posted his first Gorefield concept art to Instagram in September of 2018, has seen the work take a life of its own, spawning new additions to its canon with thousands of likes and upvotes across several platforms. 

The latest entry to the Gorefield canon is Garfield Gameboy’d, a 13 minute collection of lovecraftian horror mixed with a heavy dose of Jim Davis’s lasagna-loving cat. The fictional game itself is well fleshed out, showing off an in-depth inventory system and branching narratives with multiple endings. While Lumpy Touch confirmed in the video’s description that the ending shown in the video is canon and the other endings will not be animated, the video does set up a compelling sequel. Whether or not Gorefield can be stopped is another matter entirely.

Remember: Bullets won’t work Jon.

Source: Gameinformer