GaymerX Cancels Upcoming New York Convention

Microsoft Times Square Convention Center

GaymerX, a convention designed to bring together people to like and celebrate LBGTQ+ gamers, has held conventions on both coasts in the last few years. A few months before the second GaymerX East convention took place in Time Square, however, a contract issue is forcing the organization to cancel the event two months before its planned April date.

The eastern convention was to take place at the Microsoft Times Square Conference Center , where the previous convention took place in 2017. This time, however, the conference center had changed policies, and the new contract restricted the types of sponsors that would be allowed for an event. Additionally, the contract would not be ready until March, which posed a problem if there were actually issues with it.

“This left us in the difficult position,” writes Katie Kaitchuck, the executive director of Gaymer. “We either wait for the contract – which if its terms were unfavorable would leave us little to no time to renegotiate before our event – or we cancel the event before it’s too late to refund our crowdfunding backers. We’re choosing to do what we believe is best for our community because we value your support so much.”

Gaymer is refunding all the backers from IndieGoGo, where they originally raised money for the convention.

Source: Gameinformer