Get Over 40 Pathfinder Novels For $25

If Balder’s Gate 3 has you hurtin’ for more high fantasy fiction, Humble’s new Pathfinder Tales book bundle is the perfect remedy. This massive bundle packs up to 41 ebooks for just $25–though you can also opt for the bundle’s smaller $5 tier for eight books, or the $15 tier for 22 books if you prefer.

True to the bundle’s name, all the books included are based in the high fantasy setting of the Pathfinder tabletop role-playing game. If you’re unfamiliar with Pathfinder or its world Golarion, it’s pretty similar to Dungeons & Dragons, featuring sprawling lands filled with powerful magic, imaginative creatures, and all manner of fantasy peoples like elves, dwarves, and cat people, to name a few.

The various books in Humble’s Pathfinder Tales collection feature Golarion’s diverse cultures and realms, offering the perfect introduction to the Pathfinder world for newcomers, and a trove of lore for veteran fans. Some highlights include Reign of Stars by Tim Pratt, which sees a band of unlikely allies facing down an evil arcanist in control of alien technology. Queen of Thorns by David Gross explores a secluded Elven forest realm threatened by demons. And Pirate‚Äôs Promise by Chris A. Jackson is a high-seas adventure of espionage.

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Source: Gamespot