Grab This Nintendo Switch For Only $233 From Amazon

This Nintendo Switch is just a fraction of its full price. If you don’t mind waiting for it to ship from overseas (for free), you can get the Japanese Nintendo Switch with gray Joy-Cons for only $233. Its discounted listing claims that it used to be $249.74, but the Nintendo Switch typically retails for $299.99. In that sense, this particular Nintendo Switch is nearly 25% of the U.S. price.

The Nintendo Switch still stands as one of today’s most popular consoles. Its hybrid functionality as a home and portable console wowed consumers back in 2017, and it still continues to inspire new hardware like the Steam Deck. Nintendo fans might complain about the some outdated features, but hey, what else are you going to use to play Tears of the Kingdom?

If the regular Switch isn’t stylish enough for you, one of Nintendo’s limited-edition designs might interest you. Take a look at the Splatoon and Zelda Switch OLED consoles, both of which are still available to purchase. Joy-Cons also come in various colors, so you can toss the standard gray or neon red and blue for something more unique. Alternatively, you can add some color to your setup with the lemonade pink and yellow or pastel purple and green Joy-Cons. You can also get a Pro Controller if Joy-Cons aren’t your thing.

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Source: Gamespot