Granblue Fantasy Versus Trailer Introduces Lowain

Cygames has released a new Japanese trailer of its Arc System Works-developed fighting game Granblue Fantasy Versus, and it features the game’s wackiest character yet.

Lowain looks to be among the silliest characters in the roster, sporting some wild tricks that make for an interesting playstyle. His trademark ability is to get his buddies to help him out in combat, helping him throw his opponents, attack them as Lowain sits back (effectively making them projectiles), and letting Lowain enter a “stance” in which he’s being carried by two of his friends and can deliver some powerful moves.

Other tricks in his arsenal is summoning a tank-like robot with a human-looking top half, and, as the cook who works for the main character in the mobile game that inspired Versus, can summon food mid-battle. It’s likely these meals are used to heal him or buff him in some way.

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Granblue Fantasy Versus is scheduled to release sometime this year.

Source: Gameinformer