Guitar Hero Live Issuing Refunds For Purchasers In December

Guitar Hero Live, the latest version of Guitar Hero released in 2015, had an interesting new feature called Guitar Hero TV. Rather than having DLC, Guitar Hero TV was essentially a streaming service that allowed players to stream music in rotation on the channels and play along as they see fit. Some might even call it a selling point to the game, which Activision seemingly agrees with as they offer refunds for a very narrow window of purchasers.

The Guitar Hero publisher announced last summer that they’ll be ceasing the service, but the news might not have gotten out to everyone. So for everyone who bought the game in December this past year before Guitar Hero TV closed down on January 1 is entitled to a refund for the game. You’re left with the songs on the disc, but you get your money back.

To submit a claim, you have to show proof of purchase to Activision, who will then send you a gift card for the purchase price. If you don’t have proof of purchase, they’ll try to verify it on their end. But if you bought the game in November, you’re out of luck.

Did you use the Guitar Hero TV mode? What do you think about it closing?

Source: Gameinformer