Hades 2 Healing Guide: How To Increase Your Health

Hades 2 is a roguelike game, which means the survival of Melinoe, the main character, is of the utmost importance. You have to keep her in tip-top condition lest your run ends in abrupt failure. Here’s our guide on how to increase your health in Hades 2.

Hades 2 guide: How to heal and increase your maximum health in Hades 2

Several methods allow you to heal in Hades 2. These can come from items/rewards, passives that trigger as you progress through a dungeon, and even some perks that have to be unlocked.

Note that almost all HP boons are temporary–meaning they’re only active for the duration of your run. Once Melinoe dies and respawns at the Crossroads hub, her HP is reset to its default values.

Centaur’s Hearts

A Centaur Heart appears as a blue, heart-shaped object with a symbol of a red trident/horns. This particular reward grants an increase to Melinoe’s maximum HP (while also healing for that amount).


Snacks (i.e. French fries and hotdogs) can sometimes appear as part of Charon’s wares. The Ferryman of the Dead sells these in exchange for Obols (i.e. gold coins). Snacks simply heal you in Hades 2; they don’t increase your max HP.


Fountains of different designs are found at the end of each dungeon zone (i.e. after you defeat the boss in that level). Drinking from a fountain restores some lost HP.

God Boons

Various Olympians grant you boons that truly change the way you play, usually related to the build you want to have as you continue to progress. One example is Hestia’s Burnt Offering, which increases your maximum magick and health in Hades 2. However, Hestia will also require you to give up a particular boon in return.

Selene’s Gifts of the Moon

Gifts of the Moon are a particular buff from Selene, whom you’ll encounter in some dungeon runs. These abilities can only be reactivated once Melinoe has spent a specific amount of magick, and they can also be upgraded.

A good example of something that affects your HP is Moon Water. When activated, it restores 25 HP up to three times. This is reset when you next use a fountain.

Arcana Cards

Arcana Cards are unlocked by spending Ashes, though the number that can be activated per run is limited. This can be increased by spending another resource called Psyche.

Here are some examples of Arcana Cards that affect healing and maximum health in Hades 2:

  • The Wayward Son – Restore +2 HP when you exit a location; restore +4 HP if you have less than 30% of your max HP remaining.
  • The Titan – Gain +20 max HP and max magick.
  • The Centaur – Every five locations/rooms you explore grants +3 HP and magick.
  • Eternity – Gives you +1 Death’s Defiance.
    • Note that Death’s Defiance is triggered when Melinoe dies.
    • Instead of respawning back at the Crossroads, she’ll automatically restore 40% of her maximum HP and magick.

Incantation: Woodsy Lifespring

The Incantation Cauldron uses different kinds of resources to concoct permanent bonuses, perks, or functions. One of these is called Woodsy Lifespring, which requires 3x Silver and 1x Moly. Once activated, a hidden glade will appear in the Erebus dungeon. Think of it as an extra fountain of sorts.

Arachne’s armors and Emerald Dress

You’re bound to encounter several characters who reside in dungeon rooms (i.e. denoted by a hand icon). One of them is the spider queen, Arachne, who lets you choose from various dresses. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Dresses have an armor value. If Melinoe gets hit by an attack, the armor value must first be depleted before her current health gets affected.
  • The Emerald Dress adds +50 armor, and it also restores +2 HP when you exit a location.

Narcissus’ shade

Narcissus also resides in the underworld. If you meet him during your travels, you can choose from different kinds of gifts. One of these is called Heartfelt Condolences, and it nets you +50 HP and +10 Ashes.

In any case, these are just some of the ways that you can heal and increase your health in Hades 2. If you’re keen on doing your best to survive long and arduous treks, we suggest that you check out our beginner’s guide.

Source: Gamespot