Halo's Master Chief Is Coming To Fortnite With Classic Map Blood Gulch

Halo icon Master Chief is the latest major figure to grace Fortnite’s battle royale cast. Fortnite has been rapidly acquiring all kinds of iconic characters for the game, including the recent addition of Kratos. With Kratos and Master Chief in the game together, you can kick off a huge console war in the game itself! Whoa!

Oh, and that’s not all. Master Chief is available this evening, but there’s a new map coming tomorrow. Halo fans will probably remember this one. It’s Blood Gulch! The classic multiplayer map that debuted in the original Halo and has been repurposed multiple times is back, and now you can play on it in… Fortnite. Whoa! If you haven’t cared about Halo at all, well, the map is good okay. And you’ll probably have plenty of fun building and shooting and doing all that other fun Fortnite stuff on it.

See the Master Chief reveal trailer here!

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Oh, the fun doesn’t stop with Master Chief. Next week, The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon and Michonne are also coming to Fornite. Don’t expect the crossovers to slow down. They’re likely to speed up as every brand wants to get in on that sweet battle royale action. On the plus side, when inevitably Burger King takes on Wendy and then Kratos rolls them all over in a golf cart, that’s the kind of bizarre video game brand-injection I want to see, even if it makes me want to buy a burger, a five-piece spicy chicken nugget, and a PlayStation. Check out the Daryl Dixon/Michonne trailer here.

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Fortnite has changed a lot over the years as continually shifting game-as-a-service free-to-play offering, but I stand by my original review. When I stated “Epic Games is leading the charge in an era that promises to redefine what it means to be a live-service game.” boy was I ever right. And now, they’re home to an ever-growing cast of crossovers from all kinds of platforms and IPs. It’s a pretty surreal world out there.

Source: Gameinformer