Helldivers-Like Earth Defense Force 6 Delayed To Summer 2024

Developer Sandlot and publisher D3Publisher have announced that Earth Defense Force 6 has been delayed and will now release in the West in Summer 2024 instead of its original Spring 2024 window.

The reason for the delay was that both parties “have decided to extend the launch window to add finishing touches and finalize preparations for its western launch.” However, the Asian version is still set to launch on March 14 for PS4 and PS5. The western launch will also include a PC port.

Earth Defense Force 6 is set three years after the events of Earth Defense Force 5. Humanity spent that time rebuilding society while also eliminating any remaining alien forces. However, a mysterious ring-shaped ship appears in the sky, and now the Earth Defense Force has to protect the planet from a new kind of threat.

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Source: Gamespot