Here's A Handy Map Showing Where To Find Good Loot In Apex Legends

Of the many things Apex Legends does to build on the battle royale genre, the ability to have one person choose where the whole squad drops is a major boon for coordination. But when you’re Jumpmaster, it can be tough to choose where to drop, as every area of the King’s Canyon is tweaked to dispense better or worse gear. It can be a lot to remember, which is where a color-coded map comes in handy. offers an at-a-glance view of the entire map, with areas color coded based on the rarity of their loot. Purple areas offer high-tier loot, blue mid-tier loot, and gray low-tier loot. The drop rate isn’t 100-percent consistent, though, which is why the map also includes the percentage chance of that tier of loot dropping at that particular location. So while the Cascades and Water Treatment areas are both marked as “High Tier Loot” locations, Water Treatment has a much higher chance of doling out better gear, so if the dropship happens to run through both, you’re better off going there (though more people may drop there, too. Decisions, decisions…).

You can also filter the map a bit to show where the respawn beacons and Pathfinder radars are to plan out your route, though the in-game map shows these as well. Overall, it’s a pretty hand way to learn Apex Legends’ map, so if you’re having trouble being Jumpmaster, this is a good place to start.

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Source: Gameinformer