Here's Everything Grand Theft Auto Online's Casino Update Adds To The Game

While Red Dead Redemption II is starting to sow the seeds for what many are hoping to be an immersive multiplayer version of The Wild West, Rockstar continues to pump content into Grand Theft Auto Online. Today’s free update, entitled Diamond Casino & Resort, brings a lot to Los Santos’ population of entrepreneur-criminal types.  A huge new casino is now open in the heart of Vineland as well as six story missions where you help said casino’s owners fend off a hostile takeover.

Outside of the long-awaited casino itself, where multiple players are welcome to enjoy Blackjack, Slot Machines, and other gambling distractions, the update also adds a new ultra-expensive penthouse that can be expanded to include a media room, spa, more garage space, and even a private dealer for gambling. You can even have wild parties and then call guest services to clean up the mess.

For those who aren’t that into rolling the dice, the update adds plenty of new goodies, including collectible cards spred throughout Los Santos that players can track down for a reward and over 400 clothing and artwork items for the Penthouse. New races, and seven new vehicles, have also been added to the mix.

Outside of content additions, Rockstar has also made tweaks to Passive mode and fixed a number of bugs and issues in both Online and GTA V’s story mode. 

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Source: Gameinformer