Here’s Your First Look At Jim Carrey As Dr. Robotnik

Sonic fans have been following a drip-feed of rumors about the upcoming live-action Sonic movie, from first possible glimpses of the hedgehog himself, to Jim Carrey discussing the film’s edgy tone. The latest leak is more substantial: an image of Carrey himself decked out as Sonic’s nefarious nemesis, Dr. Robotnik.

As Twitter user Segabits mentions, the image started as a rumor, but has since been confirmed by people who saw exclusive trailers for the movie at CinemaCon. Seeing as how Segabits was right about the image, interested fans will probably want to keep an eye out for an official trailer release tomorrow.

Sonic The Hedgehog is set to launch on November 8. So what say you, Sonic fans: Yea or Nay to Carrey’s take on the bad doctor?

[Source: Twitter user @Segabits]

Source: Gameinformer