How Siege's Pro Rules Event Breathes New Life Into The Game

Click here to watch embedded media I have never in my life played a game as consistently as Rainbow Six Siege. I knew people who put thousands of hours into DOTA or Call of Duty and I just couldn’t picture devoting that much time to one game. But I’ve been playing Siege consistently for well over a year now and I love it more every day. It has many areas it could improve in, but every once in a while Ubisoft really nails it with a new competitive mode that enhances the core game to an even higher level of excellence. Well, they did it once. Just now.

The Road To SI event lets you play with most of the rules Pros play with in Pro League, like banning operators and only playing the most balanced maps. It’s a blast, and it’s available for the next three weekends leading up to the championship, the Six Invitational.

Enjoy my video above to hear me talk about how great it is! Here’s the subscribe button if you need it.

Source: Gameinformer