How To Complete Pokémon Go's Johto Collection Challenge

As Pokémon Go celebrates each of the game’s regions from week to week, trainers are tasked to round up a specific number of Pokémon from a specific region before time expires. If they succeed in their task, they earn an Elite Collector medal along with a variety of other rewards.

This week, as a part of the Johto Celebration event, trainers have six days to complete the Johto Collection Challenge by catching nine different Pokémon species. Along with all three Johto starter Pokémon, some of these critters are proving difficult to find. Here’s where you can catch each one:

This Pokémon can be found in the wild, and also pops up in one-star raids. Chikorita also appears as a random catch opportunity in a couple of this week’s field research tasks.

Also found in the wild, in one-star raids, and various field research tasks. He appears to have a high spawn rate and should be easy to locate.

Like its starter friends, Cyndaquil is in the wild, one-star raids, and is tied to a few field research tasks.

Can only be found out in the wild.

Also only available in the wild.

Your best bet is to find Miltank in a three-star raid. This adorable Pokémon is also in a couple of field research tasks, and can spawn in the wild, but the rates appear to be extremely low.

As always, Smeargle is only found by taking a photo of a Pokémon. Just keep snapping photos until Smeargle appears. After the shot, you will have a chance to catch this prankster in the wild.

The easiest way to get Sudowoodo is to spin stops to get the “Catch 5 Grass-Type Pokémon” task. Sudowoodo also appears in the wild but doesn’t spawn often.

As always, Larvitar is elusive. It could hatch in a five-star egg that you obtained after the event started, but the only sure-fire way to catch a Larvitar is to complete the Johto Celebration Event task that asks you to “Defeat a Team Go Rocket Leader 3 Times.” Either load up on incubators and hatch 5k eggs aplenty, or battle Team Rocket like mad to get a Larvitar.

We’re just a few weeks away from the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto event, which will give you a chance to catch a shiny version of every Kanto region Pokémon. Niantic has done a tremendous job of adapting to social distancing for events like these, allowing all trainers to complete the tasks at hand from their homes or at a safe distance from others.

Source: Gameinformer