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How To Get Into eSports: Episode 1

Click here to watch embedded media Getting into the world of eSports can be hard. Whether it’s streaming, creating videos for YouTube, or trying your hand at shout casting for games such as Overwatch, the scene is a competitive space filled with those looking to make it. Getting your start can be challenging but that’s where Jess Brohard comes in. As a caster, host, and content creator for over seven years, Jess knows a thing or two about eSports and wants to set aspiring creators out on the right foot.

On episode one of Shout! eSports, our host takes you through the basics of the Twitch and competitive gaming scenes. Follow Jess as she¬†dives into how you can set yourself up for success when first starting out, why it’s important to go into the industry for the right reasons, and more in this helpful guide to the world of professional content creation!

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Source: Gameinformer

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