How To Set Up Your Streaming Channel

Click here to watch embedded media From shoutcasting to Twitch streaming, the realm of eSports is a competitive battleground for content creators the world over. So it doesn’t hurt to have a little help now and again. On episode three of Shout! eSports, join host Jess Brohard as she gives you her tips on how to get a great streaming setup that works for you!

Creating content directly off your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X is an option, but creators will find they can only do so much when it comes to customization of overlays and settings.

That’s why we recommend going the PC-route for people who have the budget. Using the flexibility of broadcasting software such as OBS or Streamlabs will assist in making your content feel personalized and genuine to who you are, which is more important than your setup in general.

Once you have the tech side personalized to your liking, it’s important to also keep the production aspect of streaming in mind as well. While there’s no right answer to what camera or lighting gear to get when you’re first starting, it’s important to have both so your community can see you clearly and thus form a connection with you.

Your background is also a great place for this as it exists as a space to express your hobbies and gaming interests and acts as a fun canvas to experiment with lighting and camera composition. Once you have everything personalized and to your liking, hit the live button and start building that community!

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Source: Gameinformer