Impressive Mod Lets You Play Mass Effect 2 In First Person

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Did your version of Shepard not turn out so hot? Don’t worry, this mod could be just the fix. A mod creator called LordEmil1 brought a first-person camera to Mass Effect 2. LordEmil1 is currently working to bring the mod over to Mass Effect and Mass Effect 3. Anyone else notice he didn’t say Andromeda? Moving on.

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The first person perspective is currently only available for¬†exploration and doesn’t work during combat or cutscenes. But exploring the citadel and Normandy is now a very vivid experience. The neon shops look great up-close, and exploring the Normandy feels brand new. Even if you think you’ve played Mass Effect 2 to death, you may want to free up a new save slot and give it a try.¬†

You can download the mod here.

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