Indie Studio Neon Giant Announces Cyberpunk-Themed Co-op Shooter The Ascent For Xbox Series X

Neon Giant, a small independent game studio based in Upssala, Sweden, has announced The Ascent. This cooperative, cyberpunk-themed isometric shooter was announced during today’s┬áspecial episode of Inside Xbox highlighting upcoming third-party titles for the Xbox Series X.

The Ascent is named after the in-game corporation The Ascent Group, which owns everyone and everything. However, when the corporation collapses, leaving society in chaos, everyone is left to fend for themselves. Gangs and hostile corporations make a play to step in and take over, so it’s your join to not only intervene in their attempts, but also get to the bottom of what caused the enormous company to collapse.

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Neon Giant is a small studio of just over 10 team members, but the team has loads of┬átriple-A experience through series like Doom, Wolfenstein, Bulletstorm, and Gears of War. When the studio was founded in 2018, Goodbye Kansas Game Invest, the Swedish firm that aims to assist game developers, sang the team’s praises. “Neon Giant consists of a real dream team that not only has enormous experience, they also have an incredibly efficient working process,” Goodbye Kansas CEO Per-Arne Luundberg said. “I’m convinced that their first release will be a milestone in Swedist game development.”

Source: Gameinformer