Iratus: Lord of the Dead Heads To PC Early Access

Indie developer Unfrozen’s Iratus: Lord of the Dead has arrived in early access form on Steam. The title definitely owes much to other hardcore roguelike dungeon-crawling fare that has come before it, like Darkest Dungeon. In simple terms, think of it like Darkest Dungeon with one major catch – you play the bad guy.

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Stress out your human adversaries, make them go insane, and build up a necromantic army as you plod through dungeons, take on big bosses, and learn powerful spells. While it’s a roguelike through and through and death is often swift and unforgiving, as you play you unlock new undead units to summon as a permanent progression aspect from playthrough to playthrough.

Check out the trailer below for more on  Iratus: Lord of the Dead.

Source: Gameinformer