John Romero's New Game Is A 1920s Mafia Strategy Title

John Romero is probably best known for his time at Id Software and Ion Storm crafting some of gaming’s best (DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein) shooters as well as some of its most infamous (Daikatana). Today, Romero revealed a new game his company, Romero Games, is making with Paradox, and it’s a far cry from such shooters.

Empire Of The Sun is a “character-driven” strategy game set in 1920s Chicago. You play one of 14 district bosses vying for power in the violent time of the Prohibition. Romero Games promises a  city filled with a cast of characters you can “schmooze, coerce, seduce, threaten, or [kill] to get your way.” Outside of diplomacy and bribery, Empire Of Sin will feature turn-based combat when disputes have to be settled with more than words.

We’ll have more on Empire Of Sin later in the week. For more on John Romero, read all about the new Doom level collection he put together.

Source: Gameinformer