Killer Queen Black Delayed, Coming To Discord And Switch First

Developer: BumbleBear, Liquid Bit

Release: Q3 2019

Platform: Switch, PC

Killer Queen Black, the home version of the barcade phenomenon, is slated to hit later this year. That’s a delay for the title, which was originally supposed to release last year before being pushed to early 2019. The current Q3 2019 is even further out, but game itself still looks impressive. 

The latest trailer for the game does two things well: It lays out the basic rules, and it showcases how great Killer Queen Black looks in action. See it for yourself below: 

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Beyond the new footage, Liquid Bit and BumbleBear Games revealed that the PC version of the game will be available first on Discord, releasing simultaneously with the Switch version. The exclusivity period on Discord lasts for 90 days.

For more on Killer Queen, check out our interview with the creators.

Source: Gameinformer