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Let's Play The First Two Hours Of Returnal – Game Informer Live

Click to watch embedded media Returnal reviews went live this morning, with the Game Informer score clocking in at a massive 9.5. Today, you can join Dan Tack as he plays the game with a fresh save file. You may have already seen much of the areas we explore today in previews, but that’s okay, it just means you won’t get spoiled! 

Dan will also be there to answer any questions you have about the game (without spoilers, of course!). How hard is the game? How long can someone expect to play to “beat” it? What are the best weapons? What should you be looking for? Is this roguelike game really worth $70? Come chat as we answer all these questions and more on today’s episode of Game Informer Live! You can join us at 12:30 CST for all the action!

Returnal is a challenging game that hinges on exploration, curiosity, terror, and triumph. “Returnal is a powerful roguelike recipe offering intense combat, a drip-fed narrative of palpable dread, and a cohesive combination of artistic elements. Housemarque’s third-person shooter delivers lightning-fast action transfused with incredible exploration, featuring equal doses of intensity and lingering unease,” reads the Game Informer review. “Every run is the start of something new, but what you learn over many failures provides an extra edge as you attempt to chart the sci-fi horror world of Atropos. Returnal deftly combines gameplay, graphics, and musical composition to create a haunting tapestry that’s an absolute joy to partake in, even when a mistimed dodge or a sinister trap claims your life.”

Yep, it can be tough. Yep, losing big on a run you have worked hard on hurts. But you will succeed. You will survive. And crawling from the wreckage of your losses, you will come back and break down those that failed to shatter your spirit. And along the way, your journey of discovery is perhaps the most interesting, learning how to interact with various items, environmental foibles, and more. Returnal continually dials up a feeling of unease and discomfort and does deliver on these dissonant notes. 

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out our Returnal survival guide for some more essential tips to stay alive and thrive in the deadly ruins of Atropos.

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