Looter Shooter The First Descendant Is Getting A Beta Next Month

Nexon has announced that it’ll have an open cross-play beta for its looter shooter, The First Descendant, from September 19-25. To participate in the beta, you’ll have to visit Nexon’s official website, and those who sign up will receive a gift and test alert.

The upcoming beta will include improvements such as improved frame rates, HDR and NVIDIA DLSS 3 support, a performance and quality mode for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, and it’ll be running on the Unreal Engine 5.2. In addition, there have been quality-of-life improvements that consist of improved gun sounds, jump motions, updated UI / UX elements, a new module system, a new grappling hook control, and new parkour movements.

On top of all the improvements being made, there’ll also be new content for players, such as 11 playable Descendants and two new ultimate Descendants. Players will also have the chance to use 11 new ultimate weapons with unique effects and the option to participate in eight Void Intercept boss battles or explore two new Void Intercept Battle maps. Other content will include a new cosmetic system and an improvement to world missions. Those who reach level 20 will receive a back-attachment customization item at launch.

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Source: Gamespot