Mafia Developer Drops A Tantalizing Tease

A tease for a video game is still a tease, even if it’s only one word. In the case of Mafia, that word is “family,” which is all it’s taken from the series’ official twitter account to jumpstart speculation that a new Mafia title is coming.

Since the 2016 release of Mafia III, developer Hangar 13 has been reportedly involved in various internal and external projects, including new IP and what was at the time an unannounced BioShock title (and before Cloud Chamber was involved).

Stereotypically, “family” is always important in mafia circles. After all, who better to betray you than someone who knows you best?  Hopefully this latest tease is more of a payoff more than a shot in the back.

[Source: 2K Games]

Source: Gameinformer