Mafia Trilogy Teased In New Trailer

Click here to watch embedded media If you’ve been missing the Mafia series since Mafia III released in 2016, you may be getting an offer you can’t refuse. Publisher 2K and developer Hangar 13 (the studio behind Mafia III) released a teaser trailer this morning that unveils Mafia Trilogy.

This series, beginning with the original Mafia in 2002, offers a gritty look at the world of organized crime over the course of three games, each one featuring a different protagonist. You can see these characters, like Vito Scaletta and Lincoln Clay, in the trailer above. 

Is Mafia Trilogy a collection? A remaster? A remake? The footage does not answer those questions, stopping short of clarifying the details or scope of the project. However, fans who want more info won’t need to wait long. The trailer promises an announcement next week on May 19.

In the meantime, you can read up on the series’ history by checking out our reviews for Mafia II and Mafia III.

Source: Gameinformer