Mario Golf: Super Rush Drives Onto Switch This June

The Mario Golf series, which saw its last mainline entry on 3DS in 2014, is back on the course with Mario Golf: Super Rush. In addition to several exciting new features, the latest title in the long-running arcade sports franchise features all your favorite Mushroom Kingdom golfers, including Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Waluigi, Bowser, and Daisy.

Intuitive tools allow you to study the wind and terrain as you plot your shot, then time the shot gauge just right to put your plan into action. In addition to the standard button controls, you can use the motion controls of the Switch Joy-Cons to shoot your shot. 

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Mario Golf: Super Rush also introduces a new mode called Speed Golf. Everyone tees off at the same time before racing to their ball for the next shot. The mission is to finish the hole first. You can utilize dashes and special shots to gain the upper hand in the all-out sprint. 

The new title also brings back the series’ popular story mode. Using your Mii, you play through a story that has you gaining experience, leveling up, while competing and interacting with the other golfers from the roster. You can level up attributes like power, stamina, speed, control, and spin. You can also use your Mii in other modes like Versus.

Mario Golf: Super Rush comes to Switch on June 25. Pre-orders go live today on the Nintendo eShop.

Source: Gameinformer