Marvel Strike Force publisher FoxNext Games has announced the game has raked in over $150 million in revenue in its first year, which means the title probably isn’t going anywhere soon.

As VentureBeat reports, the free-to-play title, which has received several updates, characters, and overall support since its release, has maintained a steady stream of dedicated players. “The game has hundreds of thousands of people playing every day and millions playing every month,” head of FoxNext Aaron Loeb told VentureBeat.

To celebrate the game’s one-year anniversary, the company is planning a major update with two highlights: The first is the Alliance War mode, which players equip SHIELD helicarriers with squads of superheroes (and villains) and raid other players’ helicarriers. Second, FoxNext is adding Captain Marvel to the game as a reward for the player “Widowmaker,” who was the first to complete the elaborate and difficult Dark Dimension questline long before the developers thought it could be done.

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Source: Gameinformer

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