Marvel VFX Workers Explain Why Unionizing Is Necessary To Save The Industry

Earlier this week, over 50 on-set VFX workers at Marvel voted to unionize under International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE). Today, speaking to IGN, five workers and organizers have explained why the unionization push is so important, describing jobs that are fundamentally unsustainable despite their huge importance to the industry.

The workers describe an industry that’s slammed by more demand than its workers can keep up with–especially as studios are creating more VFX-heavy TV shows with far longer runtimes than a theatrical release would have.

“When you’re turning a 90-minute movie into a 10-hour feature basically, you’re doing 10 times the amount of work within the same, or even sometimes a shorter period of time,” said Mark Patch, a VFX organizer who worked on Disney’s WandaVision.

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Source: Gamespot