Max Loses 1.8 Million Subscribers After Rebrand, But That's Not Full Picture

The switch from HBO Max to Max has led to 1.8 million subscribers ditching the streaming service. But Warner Bros. Discovery apparently believed this was bound to happen, since people would gravitate toward the cheaper Discovery+ subscription.

Deadline reports Max now has 95.8 million subscribers, with revenue actually increasing for WB Discovery’s streaming unit overall by 14% year over year. It’s now thought the company could turn a profit on streaming by the end of the year, when previously the target was 2025. Keep in mind that part of this success comes from cuts in spending as well licensing content to other services, like HBO shows appearing on Netflix.

Earlier this year, WB Discovery unveiled HBO Max’s rebranding to Max. The change saw HBO Max merging with Discovery+, though the latter is still available as a more affordable option. The unification of the streaming services for Max saw HBO content mixed together with shows from Food Network, TLC, and more.

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Source: Gamespot