Media Molecule Looking To Contract Dreams Creators For Official Development

Dreams has been out in early access for a little while now, but a lot of people have gotten really, really good at it in that short time. The game has extensive tutorials and vivid creation tools, but some people have special sparks to their creation experiences that set them apart from the rest. For those people, Media Molecule might want to talk to them.

In a job posting today, the Dreams developers revealed that they’re looking for people who are experienced and proficient with Dreams tools to make some software for the game, presumably to be included with the final release.

“You’re a Dreams expert!” the listing exclaims. “You know the tools and are happy to take on new challenges using them. When working, you’ll happily sketch out ideas and draw up pitches for your proposals, as well as collaborating with the larger team to make sure project objectives are met.”

It is definitely interesting that, as a creator of a game creation tool, Media Molecule is looking for people proficient in the tool itself. It’s also a stepping stool for people who want to break into video game development but haven’t found the right in.

Source: Gameinformer