Microsoft Plans To Show 14 First Party Games At E3

Over the years, as Sony and Nintendo have de-emphasized E3 as a show, Microsoft has grown to try and fill that space. Last year’s show was their biggest yet and Microsoft, now the only first party with a stage show at E3, hopes to outdo it with their 2019 show. According to Xbox chief Phil Spencer, Microsoft will have 14 games fro their first party studios to show off at this year’s conference.

Just finishing our final E3 rehearsal here with the team in Redmond. Feel really good about the briefing. Lots to show. We have 14 Xbox Game Studios games in the show this year, more first party games than we’ve ever had in the show. Fun times. #XboxE3
— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) May 30, 2019

There’s a number we already know about: Gears 5 is an obvious example, as is Halo Infinite. It is also probably easy to assume that there is some kind of Forza content in the works, as there is every year. Microsoft has announced acquisitions of Ninja Theory, Obsidian, inXile, and Compulsion over the last year. Some of those studios could be ready to show something if they started work before the actual acquisition. Rare has been pretty busy revamping Sea of Thieves, but it is also possible they could be lending a helping hand on the announced Battletoads 2D title.

In the past, Microsoft has been criticized for all but abandoning first party efforts outside of a few key franchises. After a slate of cancellations, the company is trying to find their footing with games they want to make and exclusives to drive players to Xbox and WIndows. E3 might be the best time to make that argument, especially on the cusp of a new generation.

The Xbox E3 show will take place Sunday, June 9 at 1:00 p.m. PT.

Source: Gameinformer