Microsoft's Inside Xbox Stream From Gamescom Promises New Trailers For Anticipated Games

At Gamescom this month, Microsoft is airing their streaming show Inside Xbox, with a focus on upcoming releases. While obviously Gears 5, the next big Xbox exclusive arriving just a few weeks after Gamescom, is one of the centerpieces, there are a surprising number of other inclusions and reveals that might make the show worth watching.

Check out their Gamescom trailer below.

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There will be a Gears 5 Horde Mode reveal, a multiplayer reveal for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, a gameplay trailer for John Romero’s Empire of Sin, information on the next chapter of Destiny 2, and new footage from Blair Witch, Battletoads, Ninja Theory’s Bleeding Edge, and Vigor. The first party is also saying there will be new information on accessories, likely meaning a better look at the new Xbox Elite Controller revealed at E3 earlier this year.

Inside Xbox will air August 19 at 8:00 a.m. PT on pretty much every streaming service out there, including Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and of course, Microsoft’s own Mixer.


Source: Gameinformer