Mod Corner: This Star Wars Battlefront II Mod Is A Fall Guys vs. Among Us Showdown

Fall Guys burst onto the scene earlier this year in all of its terrifying jelly bean glory and Mario Galaxy-esque fun. The aesthetic of the game poised the triumphant return of Among Us, an indie title first released back in 2018 that didn’t get recognition until this year. A big part of why the latter was able to get the streamer attention it deserves is because of, well, that jelly bean aesthetic. The Fall Guys wave was high, paving the way for Among Us to have its shot to shine, and now the two are going toe-to-toe thanks to this Star Wars Battlefront II mod. 

Simply called Fall Guys vs. Among Us, this Star Wars Battlefront II mod is straight to the point. It replaces all of the original trilogy-era infantry characters with Fall Guys jelly beans with Among Us astronauts (again, also jelly beans. Very important) replacing all dark side heroes. 

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For which character replaces who: 

Fall Guys vs Among Us – OT Infantry:

REBELS (Fall Guys):
Rebel Assault – Mr. Bean
Rebel Heavy – Red
Rebel Officer – Yellow
Rebel Specialist – White
Wookie Warrior – Pigeon
Rocket Jumper – Burger
Ewok – French Fries
Imperial Assault – Cyan
Imperial Heavy – White
Imperial Officer – Brown
Imperial Specialist – Red
Death Trooper – Black
ISB Agent – Green
Rocket Trooper – Yellow

Among Us Villains:

Boba Fett – dark green
Bossk – orange
Count Dooku – blue/purple
General Grievous – tan
Iden Versio – pink
Kylo Ren – black/maroon
Darth Maul – red/black
Palpatine – purple
Captain Phasma – metallic grey
Darth Vader – black/grey
BB-9E – red mini-crewmate

The mod itself came into being thanks to a commission for the video seen here for ToastedShoes, but that commission became a gift for us all playing on PC. 

There are two mods that make this work, the mod itself created here that replaces the OT infantry characters, as well as the Fall Guys Hero Overhaul mod created by NoTengoTortuga. 

To learn more about this Fall Guys vs. Among Us Star Wars Battlefront II mod and how to get it for yourself, you can check out the full instructions and download links right here. 

And that wraps up our latest Mod Corner! It’s been a minute! Coincidentally, this isn’t the first Among Us crossover we’ve written about either for this PC segment! You can learn more about Mod Corner creations with just a few samples below: 

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Thoughts on the latest Mod Corner with Star Wars Battlefront II? Sound off with those sus little jelly bean thoughts in the comment section below! 

Source: Gameinformer