Monster Train The Last Divinity DLC Adds Wurms And More

Monster Train has added a ton of free updates since release, but a new paid DLC, The Last Divinity, is available today. With the new update comes a new race, the Wurmkin, a new final boss, pact shards for even more run customization that embrace risk/reward, and much, much more! The paid DLC will run you $10.79 until April 1 on Steam if you pick it up with a 10% discount.

The new Wurmkin clan is the sixth to be added to the game, with two champions and a slew of new cards. New mechanics to play around with add another reason to come back and keep hammering out those challenging runs through Hell with our new wurmy friends.

“Monster Train owes much to Slay the Spire for popularizing the roguelike deck-builder RPG, both at a high level and in some of its features and mechanics. But don’t dismiss Monster Train as a mere clone or derivative work like so many other games today attempting to capture the deck-building magic,” I said in my Game Informer review. “In Monster Train, your mind goes into overdrive like a locomotive ripping through hell as you determine the most decadent, degenerate combinations of cards and combos. At first, the experience is an easy task that requires little effort to complete, but subsequent runs and customization unlocks add serious complexity to the mix, making Monster Train a game that makes hours – even days – melt away in a masterful moment.” 

While deckbuilding roguelikes have come out to play in a huge fashion after the Slay the Spire boom, Monster Train is among the best options out there to challenge your brain and try new strategies out, time and time again. An entirely new clan to play with and a new boss encounter should make things way more interesting. As always, covenant levels allow you to add dozens of additional challenges and restrictions to the game should you master normal mode, and you can even take other players on in scored time trials in multiplayer if you find yourself craving a serious brain blitz. 

Have you tried Monster Train? Do you enjoy deckbuilding roguelikes? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Gameinformer