More Destiny 2 Exotic Armor Pieces Are Getting Overhauled In Season 22

Bungie has outlined changes coming to 14 of Destiny 2‘s Exotics and is focusing specifically on the underused pieces of gear that have been gathering cosmic dust over the last couple of months. These changes will be rolling out in Season 22 and will see numerous Exotics tweaked to be more functional as new perks are added and complete overhauls on some of these legacy pieces are done.

Similar to how several Exotics were fine-tuned in Season 21, these changes are positive upgrades to armor that have fallen out of favor in Destiny 2’s meta-game. Hunters get a Knucklehead Radar helmet that gains the perks of Foetracer, Renewal Grasps is going to make Duskfield grenade-lobbing Hunters a menace once again, and Lucky Raspberry is going to be an essential Exotic for dealing with pesky Overload Champions.

Titans get a new version of the ACD/0 Feedback Fence gauntlets that tie in nicely to the game’s Armor Charge system, Hallowfire Heart is shaping up to be the Heart of Inmost Light for Solar builds, and several other Exotic pieces are being redesigned to have expanded functionality. As for Warlocks, Bungie is aiming to give the space-wizards more options for Stasis, Solar, and Void builds around signature Exotics.

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Source: Gamespot