More Street Fighter V Announcements Coming Later This Year

This past weekend was EVO 2019, and the Street Fighter series’ executive producer Yoshinori Ono is excited for what’s to come. He claims more news about Street Fighter V is on the way later this year.

Thanks Street Fighter Fans around the world!
We look forward to new #SFVAE announcement in Nov. and Dec. Looking forward to seeing you all there!!
We’ll be making preparation for Blanka’s pocket. ;P
Good Bye #EVO2019
I’ll be back to home 😀
And Thanks @XavierWoodsPhD again!
— Yoshinori Ono (@Yoshi_OnoChin) August 5, 2019

It seems the heartwarming, good-sported nature between G01 and SonicFox at the Dragon Ball FighterZ showdown isn’t the only thing lifting people’s spirits. For more Street Fighter V news from the last week, check out the new DLC characters and read about the game’s free trial.

Source: Gameinformer