Naughty Dog Gives A Glimpse At The Story Of The Last Of Us Part II

Click here to watch embedded media As the June 19 release date for PS4 title The Last of Us Part II approaches, Sony and developer Naughty Dog have started a trailer series delving deeper into the game’s elements. Today’s inaugural video explores aspects of the title’s story.

Directors Neil Druckmann and Anthony Newman, and narrative lead Halley Gross discuss why they are telling more of Joel and Ellie’s story, where the game begins, and an idea of where it may go.

“I think this one might be more divisive than the first game – in a very kind of exciting way,” says Druckmann, “that I think raises those interesting philosophical questions and asks the player to interpret some of the material that’s there and see where they stand on those questions.”

Source: Gameinformer