New Baptiste Short Story Gives Insight Into Recent Overwatch Character

One of the criticisms of Overwatch that Blizzard has been trying to wrangle is that players are having a hard time really getting to know the characters beyond the initial set. Casual players who check in every so often will usually just see a new character and never really understand their deal. While I’m not sure Blizzard’s solution of short stories on the internet will reach those casual players, for everyone else, it’s time to dive deep into Baptiste’s past.

The new short story, titled What You Left Behind is a look at Baptiste before his involvement within the game. It is sort of light novel-ish in that the story, written by Alyssa Wong, is occasionally peppered with new art from illustrator Arnold Tsang. The story tells the tale of Baptiste returning home and finding a corporation has run roughshod over his native land.

It also suggests that the battle medic saw Winston’s call to arms at the end of his reveal teaser and is looking to join the new generation of Overwatch heroes in battle.

The last Overwatch short story was titled Beset, which focused primarily on sniper Ana, and came with a skin not too long after the story was released. It seems likely Baptiste will get the same treatment, hopefully with something pretty cool.

Source: Gameinformer